The BUSSE GmbH introduces itself ...

The BUSSE GmbH, founded and managed by Dipl.-Ing. Ralf-Peter Busse is an independent engineering company with more than 35 years of extensive experience in the field of plant construction, especially in the commissioning of industrial and water treatment plants. This comprehensive know-how also resulted in the application of the membrane activation process for decentralized wastewater treatment. With the development of the BUSSE-MF, this technology was implemented for the first time in the field of small sewage treatment technology. Since then, the BUSSE membrane treatment plant has been used successfully for decentralized wastewater recycling in 14 countries worldwide. The areas of application range from single-family homes, houseboats, floating houses, hotels, training centers to island and local solutions.

Highly motivated graduates from colleges and universities were integrated into a large team of engineers with many years of experience, all of whom provide engineering services in industrial plant construction on construction sites all over the world with great commitment.

Since it was founded, BUSSE GmbH has continuously built up an efficient research team that pursues innovative development tasks in the field of technical-biological processes in environmental technology. In numerous research and development projects, close cooperation was also established with the Federal Environment Agency, the German Federal Environmental Foundation and various universities, colleges and institutes.

The BUSSE GmbH offers ...

– Anlagenbau-Wassertechnologien (Wasseraufbereitung)
– Montage-Koordinierung
– Anlagen-Inbetriebnahme
– Anlagen-Kennzeichnung
– Forschung & Entwicklung

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