BUSSE Innovative Systeme GmbH – a new, independent company, founded and managed by Anja Busse – is focusing on the development, planning and production of methods and products with highly innovative concepts.

In addition to the development and production of systems for environmental protection, BUSSE IS GmbH specializes in the development, construction, service and sale of on-site waste water treatment and water recovery systems.

Assistance in obtaining these high-end objectives is provided by Busse GmbH, an independent engineering company with over 25 years experience in plant construction, especially the commissioning of industrial and waste water treatment systems.

One result of this extensive know-how is the membrane activated sludge treatment process for on-site waste water treatment. BusseMF was the first product in which this technology was applied on a large scale. The production and distribution rights for this innovative product were transferred under license by BUSSE GmbH to BUSSE IS GmbH.

MBR Sewage Treatment Systems

The small scale sewage treatment system BusseMF designed for 4 to 50 inhabitants with membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) turns domestic waste water into useable non-potable water that meets all reduction standards (C, N, D, P + H).

Systems for ships and house boats

Due to its compact and modular structure the Busse MBR system can be adapted for installations on house boats, theatres, museums and restaurant ships, river boats as well as larger yachts. The effluent from the system can be re-used for flushing toilets, cleaning the deck or can be discharged directly into the surrounding waters.

Waste Water Recycling

The domestic waste water from decentralized and centralized buildings is recycled by the Busse membrane bioreactor technology and can be re-use as non-potable water, for example for toilet flushing or garden irrigation.

Closing this ecological loop is not only protects the environment and saves drinking water resources but also results in cost savings.

Special Applications

The application range of the BusseMF systems compasses solutions for hotel resorts, campgrounds, historical buildings, like castles and palaces as well as mobile container systems. The MBR technology is even used for waste water free fish farming.

Research & Development

Company BUSSE IS GmbH has established a highly capable research and development team over the years that successfully pursues the development of innovative technologies in the field of water treatment and environmental protection. In numerous research and development projects Busse IS GmbH has built a strong partnership with the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt – UBA), the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation) as well as many universities and institutes.

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