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BUSSE Innovative Systeme GmbH
Dipl.-Journ. Anja Busse
Zaucheweg 6
D-04316 Leipzig
phone: 0341 - 65984 - 25
fax:  0341 - 65984 - 26

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The BUSSE MF type MF-HKA 4 (general design qualification approval no. Z-55.3-60) for 1 to 4 people households consists of two double-wall safety tanks for installation in a frost-free room in the basement or in an adjacent building (garage, garden house, etc.). If water cannot enter the system by gravity, a water hoisting machine is needed. This is available as an optional item. Sufficient level floor space is needed for installation, operation and maintenance and the room must be at least 2 meters high.

If the room is less than 2 m high and construction permits, the two tanks can be recessed in the floor. The modular design makes the system adaptable to most local sites. The system is ventilated into the open through the wastewater downpipe or a separate ventilation duct can lead out of the building. If more wastewater must be treated, e.g., when more people live in the house, the BUSSE MF can be added to.

If the treated water cannot flow from the system by gravity 30 cm above ground level, an optional filtrate hoister can bridge the difference. We recommend to store the purified wastewater (filtrate) in a treated water tank with 500 l useful capacity. If you want to use the purified water for flushing, an automatic machine can feed it in the treated water pipe. If you want to water your garden, the treated water can be stored in a rainwater tank.

The standard system is installed and ready for service within a few hours. Automatic absence control ensures that the system remains in full biological operation also when you are not at home for several weeks.

To ensure smooth operation of the system, a service contract is concluded with every customer. The process and also the membranes require maintenance by the supplier or another specialized company.

Technical specifications
Connection size Population equivalent / persons 1 - 4
Max. daily wastewater volume [m³/d] 0,60
Max. daily sludge load [kg BOD5/d] 0,24
Power supply (AC) [V] 230
Power consumption (min-max) [kWh/d] 1,8 - 3,0
Min. room height [m] 2,0
Safety tank (double wall)
one tank footprint 0.75 m x 1.15 m
[ea.] 2
Required inlet height in system [m] > 1,65
COD obtained in discharge [mg/l] < 75 (30 avg.)
BOD5 obtained in discharge [mg/l] < 15 (5 avg.)
Conc. of filterable mat. obtained in discharge [mg/l] < 50 (< 1 avg.)
Obtained NH4-N concentr. obtained in discharge [mg/l] < 10 (3 avg.)
Bathing water directive (76/160/EEC) [CFU/ml] Limit and conduct with
Watering water acc. DIN 19650 [CBU/ml] Suitability classes 2, 3 and 4

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