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BUSSE Innovative Systeme GmbH
Dipl.-Journ. Anja Busse
Zaucheweg 6
D-04316 Leipzig
phone: 0341 - 65984 - 25
fax:  0341 - 65984 - 26

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with the effluent from the BUSSE-MF?
The effluent from the BUSSE-MF is highly purified and can thus be trickled away or discharged into receiving waterways (in compliance with local regulations). As a result of the forced sanitation of the waste water by the micro-filtration barrier, the water may also be used for garden watering in accordance with DIN 19650 "Hygienic problems of water for watering purposes".

If the home treatment plant is installed in the basement – will this lead do unpleasant odour or noise?
There will be neither noise nor odour problems. The tanks are sealed odour-tight, venting takes place via the overhead pipe.

What type of sewage may the home treatment plant be charged with?
All domestic sewage from the kitchen, the bathroom and the WC. This also includes toilet paper and food remnants in the kitchen drain. The plant is not suitable for sanitary hygiene products, the disposal of medicines or chemicals or any solids which are not biologically degradable (e.g. plastics).

Can the BUSSE-MF plant be installed outdoors?
No, the plant must be protected against frost and installed indoors. Installation in the basement is the best solution. Alternatively, the plant could also be installed above ground in a shed, a garage or a similar structure. Then a suitable pump system has to be installed to ensure forced conveying.

If the home treatment plant is installed in the basement, and you also have sanitary facilities including a toilet in the basement, how does the sewage reach the plant without gravity flow?
The inflow height must be at least 1.60 m. If the inflow is below this height, small-scale elevation systems may be used.

We only have a small door for access to our basement. Can the plant nevertheless be installed?
Thanks to its modular design and the module width of 0.75 m, the plant can be transported through almost any basement door. The room height should be at least 2.00 m, the space required for the two modules necessary for a single-family home is 1.15 m x 1.50 m.

What additional costs for energy and maintenance must I expect for the future?
The energy consumption for the aeration system of a HKA 4 is less than 2 kWh/day. Maintenance is normally carried out once a year by the manufacturer or an authorised specialist firm. Maintenance comprises a functional check of all units including membrane regeneration.

What is the pay-off period for the BUSSE-MF house sewage treatment plant?
As the water can be trickled away in the garden or discharged in receiving waterways, no further sewage charges will have to be paid. If you use the purified water (for instance for watering the garden), you may even save part of your water costs.

What happens with the micro-filtration plant when no sewage is generated over a longer period of time, because we are 4 weeks away on holiday?
This is no problem at all for the BUSSE-MF micro-filtration plant, because control will be automatically taken over by the vacation mode system as soon as no inflow takes place. Plant operation will be reduced to such an extent that only a minimum of biological functions takes place. The efficiency of the plant, however, is fully maintained.

Is this plant only available for single-family or two-family houses?
Certainly not; the modular design makes it possible to build the plant for any building size.