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BUSSE Innovative Systeme GmbH
Dipl.-Journ. Anja Busse
Zaucheweg 6
D-04316 Leipzig
phone: 0341 - 65984 - 25
fax:  0341 - 65984 - 26

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Consolidated Companies

Assistance in obtaining the high-end objectives of Busse Innovative systems GmbH is provided by Busse GmbH, an independent engineering company with over 25 years experience in plant construction, especially the commissioning of industrial and waste water treatment systems.

One result of the extensive know-how is the membrane activated sludge treatment process for on-site waste water treatment. BusseMF was the first product in which this technology was applied in a large technological scale. The production and distribution rights for this innovative product were transferred by BUSSE GmbH to BUSSE IS GmbH under a license deal.

A shared location and close-co-operation of both companies ensures a constant flow of information and transfer of technology between them. This enhances the innovation process of our products to make them fit all aspects of customer expectations. At the same time new ideas are put forward and the applications of innovative concepts for environmental technologies emerge.

Our traditional co-operation with research and training institutions, associations, societies, authorities and – last but not least – our own research and development efforts ensure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations, which results in a constant high level of environmental protection and water pollution control.

For the distribution, installation and service of their innovative products in foreign countries BUSSE IS GmbH established a successful cooperation with many partner companies worldwide.

For the distribution and Service of our products in the United States of America we have founded a sister company Busse Green Technologies Inc., with corporate offices in Chicago. For the Canadian market our partner company Janda-Busse Inc. is working together with us. You can find the contact information on the site titled Sales.